Building Systems Technologies, PLLC (BST) filed Articles of Organization with the State of Idaho which became effective on June 29, 2005.

Please take a moment to view the pages of our website to garner a greater understanding of who we are and what we do. You will find that BST is grass roots, founded on vision and principle, and continues to grow based on those directives.


Building owners, engineers and contractors seeking ways to optimize costs through the proper design, installation and optimal performance of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems benefit from working with BST, as we are required to complete extensive training and continuing education in order to achieve and maintain NEBB certification.


NEEB Certified

BST is a NEBB certified test and balance professional firm. NEBB is the premier international certification association for firms that deliver high performance building systems. NEBB certifies firms, professionals, and technicians in Testing, Adjusting and Balancing (TAB) of HVAC systems, Commissioning and Retro-commissioning of building systems, Sound and Vibration testing, Fume Hood testing, Clean Room testing, and Building Enclosure Testing.

About Us

History - In 1998, David Kirkham was a student at Idaho State University when he was hired by a local TAB firm. David worked as a TAB technician after school and during the summers to support his family and educational aspirations. In 2001, he changed his major to mechanical engineering.

The TAB firm was successful in acquiring a lot of work in the Treasure Valley. Because the owners of the company didn't like to travel that far, David took the opportunity to further his work experience and integrate what he learned in the field, into his education. This continued for a number of years.

David achieved his Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering and worked for a local engineering firm for a few months before realizing that he missed working in the field. David became a full time employee of the balancing company, primarily working in Idaho's Treasure Valley.

Around that time, System Commissioning began to move to the forefront of the industry. Seeing an opportunity to expand the company, BST was formed for this purpose.

Building Systems Technologies, PLLC (BST) filed Articles of Organization with the State of Idaho which became effective on June 29, 2005. The company was originally a partnership with the former TAB company.

2007 marked substantial changes for BST. David successfully completed his NEBB certification requirements, earning the title of "Certified Professional" (formerly known as TAB Supervisor). David's friend and President of the original TAB company unexpectedly passed away. The remaining partner and David came to an agreement in which David secured 100% interest in BST. Subsequently, BST elected to file as a small business corporation.

In March of 2008, BST achieved status as a NEBB Certified Firm. The company relocated from Pocatello to Boise August 1, 2008. Later that year, BST fulfilled NEBB requirements for Building System Commissioning Certification.

Effective April 17, 2009 BST upgraded its Division of Public Works License to Class "C."

BST Approaches every project from a commissioning standpoint. This has been the approach that our owner (David Kirkham) took as a balancer long before the company was ever formed. It is the basis of BST's operation.


David Kirkham, EIT
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Idaho State University
NEBB Certified Professional

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Stefanie Thomas
Office Manager

Matt Michels
NEBB Certified Professional

Phillip Michels
TAB Technician

Danny Lemus
TAB Technician

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BST Approach

TAB procedures have drastically changed over the past decade.  Long gone, are the times when balancing was relegated to a team of people manipulating dampers and fan speeds to achieve desired flows.

With the incorporation of digital control systems combined with the concerns of energy consumption and economic constraints, TAB now plays an unprecedented, more critical role in a project.

General Approach:

BST approaches every project from a commissioning standpoint.  This has been the approach Mr. Kirkham took as a balancer long before the company was ever formed.  It is the basis of BST's operation.  TAB and full system commissioning follow a parallel path to the same end goal.  The exception is that the TAB portion provides a substantial amount of information used in commissioning a system.

Since not all jobs have a commissioning team, we often fill that need as a matter of obligation to the owner.  Though it is not always initially realized, there is also a benefit to every other member of the construction team.  This approach has proven successful time and time again.

Specific Approach:

There is a straightforward process that we employ once we secure a contract or purchase order for a project.

  1. Design/Plan Review:  Our form of design review is done while we are pre-planning a report.  At some point, we will need to prepare our paperwork prior to arriving to perform TAB procedures.  We have found that this is the ideal time, as it accomplished two goals:  Being prepared, and finding any design deficiencies.  RFI's are usually generated at this stage.

  2. Submittal Review: Prior to submitting a balance report, we always compare collected data with submitted data.  Often times, we use submittal data to scan fan and pump curves for field work as well as the final report.

  3. Field verification:  Normally, we will send out a technician to gather model data on equipment prior to start-up.  This isn't too repetitive a process, but it helps to catch issues before they become costly or critical.

  4. Coordination:

    • Pre-TAB:  We have developed very good relationships with most of the general, mechanical, and controls contractors in the Treasure Valley.  Periodic communication with all of them keeps us apprised of the stages of completion on a project (beyond our own proactive involvement).
    • During TAB:  While on the job performing TAB procedures, we understand the need to coordinate with other trades.  This is especially critical in VAV and hydronic systems, as there are typically more trades involved.  Working closely with a controls contractor (particularly) has actually proven to help both the controls contractor and ourselves be more productive in finding and fixing problems more efficiently.
    • Post-TAB:  When BST becomes part of a project, the final payment never signifies the end.  We like it this way.  We always assume that we may have to return to verify numbers, comfort balance, or simply help solve a problem.

  5. Redundancy:  This is a concept BST has begun to implement over the past year or so, and has proven to be quite effective.  Initially, it adds a small amount of time to a project, but the benefit is realized in the end.  It is more of a paperwork process, not unlike double-entry accounting.  Ultimately, it ensures that data is collected and recorded for ALL items.  It saves time in return trips, exposes erroneous data, and tremendously accelerates the troubleshooting process.

  6. Technology:  With the advances of DDC systems, technology has been developed that allows a tremendous amount of data relatively easy.

    • TAB Procedures:  By using the latest devices and instruments available in the industry, data collection, regeneration, and analysis can be done much more quickly than it has been traditionally been done.  BST recognizes this advantage and employs this technology
    • System Analysis:  BST is familiar with most, if not all, system controls programs.  By working with the controls contractor and commissioning agents, a system can be fine-tuned to achieve the most energy efficient operation of the installed system.

  7. Education:  BST's owner and staff constantly stay in touch with industry standards.  Though continuing education is a requirement of NEBB to maintain certification, our efforts exceed the minimum requirements.
    1. Through ASHRAE membership, USGBC, trade publications, vendor shows, etc., we continue to ensure we are providing the best services possible.

    2. All employees of BST have classroom instruction at the BST offices.  Instruction is a minimum of 4 hours per week; more if necessary in preparing for a particular type of system.  These topics include, but are not limited to:

      • Heat Transfer Analysis
      • Fluid Flow Dynamics
      • Pressure Relationships
      • DDC Control Systems
      • Hydronic Flow Control Devices
      • VAV System Analysis and Anomalies
      • Fan Powered Box Anomalies
      • System Design
      • Fan and Pump Performance Curve Analysis
      • System Co-efficients
      • "The Fallacy of the Flow Hood"
      • Project Case Studies
      • Building Envelope
      • Effective Troubleshooting

BST is employing the latest technology to help your project go as smoothly as possible. We have implemented iPads, Laptops and many other technological advances in our TAB work. This assures you with the most accurate balance and report in a timely fashion. To this date, we do not know of any other TAB contractor utilizing the advanced methods of BST in this market place.

TAB on iPad


Plan Checking


Exhaust System Testing

Building Testing


Cleanroom Testing


Test and Balance Hood


For more information on BST and the Technology we have implemented, please feel free to email our Principal, David Kirkham at david@bstcx.com

Future Endeavors

BST was formed and began to flourish to satisfy the appetite of "something more."  BST has enjoyed the good fortune of unprecedented growth by employing and practicing the philosophy of providing "something better."

Because this model has worked for us, we are constantly looking for ways to integrate our services into the construction industry.  Furthermore, we are also endeavoring to acquire more services to provide.

Equipment Identification

Over the past few years, BST has also been providing tagging and equipment identification services to our clients.  This has proven to be a tremendous advantage, especially if we are the TAB contractor for the project.  It eliminates costs associated with inaccuracy of labels as well as the contractor's need to spend time installing them, as we normally generate the lists and install the identification as a part of the TAB. 

Industry Certification

Within the next two years, BST anticipates achieving NEBB certification in the following:

  • Fume Hood Testing
  • Retro-Commissioning
  • Sound and Vibration

This should allow area contractors to reduce the costs associate with hiring an out of state firm for these services.

Design Build

Economic constraints have influenced many owners to incorporate design build teams.  David Kirkham is currently studying to take his Professional Engineering exam.

NEEB Certified


Test and Balance Hood


BST Approaches every project from a commissioning standpoint. This has been the approach that our owner (David Kirkham) took as a balancer long before the company was ever formed. It is the basis of BST's operation.

completed projects

The following projects have been completed since the formation of BST.  As with the previous list, this is not the entire scope of projects, but a list of the more significant ones.

  • Simplot World Headquarters - Boise, Idaho
  • City Center Plaza - Boise, Idaho
  • Inn @ 500 - Boise, Idaho
  • Victory Middle School - Meridian, Idaho
  • Simplot JUMP Project - Boise, Idaho
  • Sun Valley Lodge - Sun Valley, Idaho
  • Western States Equipment - Pocatello, Idaho
  • Orchard Readiness Training Center - Boise, Idaho
  • 119 Condos - Boise, Idaho
  • Sage Charter School - Boise, Idaho
  • Idaho Arts Charter School - Nampa, Idaho
  • Bodybuilding.com HQ - Boise, Idaho
  • VA Building 85 Surgery/ICU - Boise, Idaho
  • Ontario High School - Ontario, Oregon
  • CWI Technical Center - Nampa, Idaho
  • Bleymaier Football Center - Boise, Idaho
  • Idaho Power Operations Center - Boise, Idaho
  • NNU Learning Commong - Nampa, Idaho
  • MHAFB Logistics Readiness - Mt. Home, Idaho
  • Sage International School - Boise, Idaho
  • University of Phoenix - Meridian, Idaho
  • Fort Hall Hotel - Fort Hall, Idaho
  • Allstate Call Center - Pocatello, Idaho

Rocky Mountain High School

The following projects are on schedule for the next two years:

  • Shoshone Bannock Casino - Fort Hall, Idaho
  • Thunder Ridge High School - Idaho Falls, Idaho
  • Micron Building 51 - Boise, Idaho
  • South Hills Middle School - Twin Falls, Idaho
  • Limelight Hotel - Ketchum, Idaho
  • St. Luke's Elmore County - Mt. Home, Idaho
  • BSU Graduate & Honors - Boise, Idaho
  • Ameriben - Meridian, Idaho

Prior to forming BST, David Kirkham completed the following projects while with EEI.  This is by no means the extent of the work completed, merely a list of the more significant projects:

  • Citibank Call Center - Meridian, Idaho
  • Idaho Water Center - Boise, Idaho
  • DirectTV Call Center - Missoula, Montana
  • MAFB Corrosion Control - Great Falls, Montana
  • Tamarack Member's Lodge - Valley County, Idaho
  • Columbia High School - Nampa, Idaho
  • Idaho State School and Hospital - Nampa, Idaho
  • BSU Administration Building - Boise, Idaho
  • Endeavor Elementary - Nampa, Idaho
  • Power Engineers - Hailey, Idaho
  • INL Expended Core Facility - INL, Idaho
  • Regal Theaters at BODO - Boise, Idaho
  • BSU Albertson's Library - Boise, Idaho
  • Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis - Jackson, Wyoming
  • BSU Master of Fine Arts - Boise, Idaho

Stueckle Sky Club

Lewis and Clark



BST Approaches every project from a commissioning standpoint. This has been the approach that our owner (David Kirkham) took as a balancer long before the company was ever formed. It is the basis of BST's operation.


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Boise State University
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Donell Gingerich, Jared Miller, James Schroeder

Roy Miller

NEEB Certified






BST Approaches every project from a commissioning standpoint. This has been the approach that our owner (David Kirkham) took as a balancer long before the company was ever formed. It is the basis of BST's operation.

Contact info

Building Systems Technologies is located at:

129 W Galvani Dr #100
Meridian, Idaho 83642
(NW Corner of Victory and Meridian Rd)

Phone: 208.362.5245 Fax: 208.445.0801

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David Kirkham, EIT
NEBB Certified Professional

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